Non-NHS services

The NHS does not pay for some of our services.

For example:

  • private sick notes
  • insurance forms
  • holiday cancellation forms
  • medical reports
  • fitness to travel certificates
  • private prescriptions
  • passport signing
  • some vaccination services

The fees charged are based on the British Medical Association (BMA) suggested scales and can be found below:

General private work

Appointment (Private)£30.00 per 10 mins
Blood Test (Private)£36.00
Confirmation of Fitness for Letter (i.e. education , travel work etc)£25.00
Form Requiring Brief Record Review£30.00
Court Protection£132.00 + VAT
Employment Report£117.00
Gender Recongnation Report£80.00
Health Declaration (Ofsted)£100.00
Power of Attorney£130.00 +VAT
Prescription (Private)£30.00
Private Medical Form (Bupa , Westfield etc)£30.00
Private Letter£15.00
Sick Note (Private)£30.00
Short/Straight Forward Statement of Fact£15.00
Insurance Claim Form£30.00/£70.00
Travel/Holiday Cancellation Form£25.00
Housing Forms (Chesterfield Bourgh Council)£30.00
DWP (PIP)£30.00 + VAT


Medical Reports

Medical Report with Examination£150.00
DVLA MEDICAL (Paid by Patient)£150.00
DVLA Questionnaire£85.00 + VAT
Written Medical Report (No Examination)£120.00
Medical Report on Proforma£85.00
Army Medical (Health Declaration)£65.00 + VAT
Army Medical Medical Records£50.00
Fostering/Adoption Medical£84.50
GPR ReportsPer Form
Solicitors Report (Full)£50.00
Solicitors Report (Part)£25.00


Date published: 20th September, 2023
Date last updated: 5th January, 2024