Louise Copley-Dunn

Assistant Practitioner

Works 4 days a week at RPC East

I am an Assistant Practitioner.

Assistant Practitioners support the Practice Nurses with their daily work and carry out tasks such as Asthma checks, Phlebotomy (taking blood), Blood Pressure measurements, New Patient Checks, B12, shingles flu and Pneumonia Injections, ear irrigation, ECGs, Spirometrys, INRs, Diabetic Foot Checks (Low-Moderate Risk), Simple Dressings, Stitch and clip removal, CVD NHS Health Checks, Stocking Measurements, 24hour BP fit/removal.

I have worked for the NHS for 16years, previously as a community phlebotomist, I then came to work at Rectory Road 14 years ago and continue to learn new skills. Over the years I have undertaken various tasks and this led me to complete my university degree as an AP at Derby University.