Change is Coming: Appointment System

In last month’s patient survey, 95% of patients said that they would be happy to see any clinician on the same day for a problem if they were unwell with a recent and new illness.

Following successful GP recruitment, we have now been able to create a team of clinicians to provide clinics specifically for those patients who need an on the day assessment, improving access to our same day appointments.

For ongoing or lifelong illness, being able to see the same clinician can significantly reduce; unnecessary visits to the surgery and hospitals, unnecessary medications and investigations and improve health outcomes.

We will now be offering appointments specifically for ongoing problems where continuity counts. These appointments may not always be with a GP but may be with a member of our clinical team with specialist skills.

Our call handling team have been trained to direct you to the most appropriate clinic and clinician for your problem, ensuring that where necessary you get to see the same clinician for ongoing episodes of care.